Relocating, downsizing, moving from a long-loved home to a new house, condo or Senior Living community is a formidable task.

The desire to live in close proximity to family and friends, with easy access to community and conveniences have many people considering whether their current home adequately meets their needs and that of their families. With visualizing your next step comes thoughts of moving and downsizing. How do I get it all done and where do I begin? This can be overwhelming.

senior woman leaning head and hands on cane

KD Relocation Solutions is a moving concierge service. Our staff is trained to assist individuals, families, and senior clients in developing a moving plan that meets their needs. Our certified Senior Move Managers are experienced and work with our senior clients and their specific requirements.

  • Creating Custom floor plans, helping decide what furniture to take and where to place.
  • Assisting with sorting, organizing, and downsizing a lifetime of possessions with patience and compassion.
  • Coordinating the move so you have less contact with the moving company.
  • Packing & Unpacking

senior woman packing box of keepsake itemsFor many, remaining in their current home as they get older is a realistic option. We evaluate our client’s home to implement a safety plan and a “well-being” checklist for them, making sure their home is safe to age in place.

KD Relocation Solutions is located in northern New Jersey and serves the tri-state area. We also have the capability to work virtually with clients in other states.

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